About IFK Travel & Tours

Ever since the inception of time, travel has been an integral part of human’s affairs. Whether it is for search of opportunities, trade & business, meeting loved ones, resettlement, migration or any reason, man has traveled from place to place ever since setting foot on the ground. In modern times, thanks to technological advancements, travel is now more secure and fast as ever.

Why IFK ?

IFK Travels & Tours arises in such a time as a reliable, trustworthy and cost effective travel solutions provider for varying personal and business needs. Tracing a combined team experience of more than 20 years in the industry, IFK Travels & Tours provides intelligent travel advice, instant booking and reservation services, round the clock support and on top all, a totally personalized travel experience.

With the advent of web-based services, the internet is jam packed with travel content so much to the extent that it prevents a traveler from making clear decisions about travel. Plus, the highly technical terms & conditions, sugarcoated with low rates prove out to be a disaster in terms of cost at the hour of need. Our experienced and highly proficient Travel Consultants make it easier for our travellers to make well informed travel plans, and always book and reserve their trips at the right time to minimize cost and maximize comfort & luxury.